5 Inspirational Quotes + Books From Women Thought Leaders Of Our Time

Uplift your spirits with these inspirational quotes and books from some of my favorite women change makers of our times.

Marie Forleo breaks down positive mindset tools like no other. Her ideas are easy to understand and apply to your life. Most importantly they are incredibly impactful. I'm deeply grateful for all have learned from studying with her. Her new bestselling book Everything Is Figureoutable is packed with useful tips to help you navigate and move forward in this wild, wonderful and sometimes winding journey of life. 

I have been sharing quotes in my classes from Marianne Williamson for well over a decade and that's been very intentional. She offers a beautiful lens to view the world through. I have so much love and respect for her and the impact she has made in the world. Her newest book A Politics Of Love: A Handbook For A New American Revolution is a must read for the times that we are living in. She illuminates the spiritual lens of love being an integral aspect of leading change during this time in history.

Flordemayo is one of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. The Thirteen Grandmothers were called to come together from all over the globe in early 2000 to support Mother Earth through education and healing. They offer wisdom and messages that contain the seed medicine our planet needs. Flordemayo is founder of The Path a non-profit which focuses on the preservation of seeds for our future.  Learn from the wisdom the Grandmothers share and support their efforts in their collaborative book Grandmothers Wisdom: Reverence For All Creation

Rebecca Campbell is an Author and creative, mystic, visionary who is inspiring women world wide to wake up and rise up to the callings of their soul. She is the author of two incredible books Light Is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise. Both books contain channeled messages that feel as if they were written just for you. They are beautifully written, moving and inspiring. They are the sort that call you to read again and again! I have loved sitting in the magic of her circles. She is currently writing her next book and definitely a woman to watch as a rising leader of the change movement.

Pema has had my heart since I was young. I love her fiercely and have had the pleasure of sitting with her and learning from her wisdom in my early twenties. She is an incredible source of inspiration and offers teachings in a very matter of fact, simple way. She has written many books and some of my personal favorites are The When Things Fall Apart, Start Where You Are and The Places That Scare You. All of her books have valuable insights and golden nuggets of wisdom.


I was called to share these women with you right now, because their work is making a wonderful impact in the world. They are bright lights that are here to offer their wisdom to create an Earth we all envision.

I love hearing from you, drop me a line if you feel inspired!

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