Be The Change

Our words are potent drivers of our experience. The ones we choose can fuel what we want and what we don’t.

Each word we say, or even think ripples out and makes an impact on us, those around us and the collective consciousness. 

I was talking to a family member the other day who said offhandedly “while we are on lockdown….”  We hear it all the time right? It’s in the news it just comes out naturally... Let’s pause briefly right here and marinate on that word “Lockdown” How does it make you feel in your body? What energy is it bringing to the conversation? 

How about when you say “while we are on home retreat...” How does that resonate?

The other day I was on a call with someone who mentioned  “Going through periods of sadness” Then almost apologetically saying “But then I have these moments of feeling good” Does that sound familiar? 

What if we replace “but” with “The Sacred And.” 

One of the most powerful word changes we can make, is the simple act of swapping one three letter word for another. 

This change offers us the ability to hold space for both-and. It creates an opportunity to explore more than one aspect of something. It allows multiple emotions, ways of doing or viewing things to co-exist. Rather than, one end of the spectrum holding power over the other.

We can unapologetically feel and hold all that is true for us.

Our words have a vibration. Simple word choices can bring us into greater alignment with source. 


  1. Bring your awareness to the words you choose to say out loud and internally. 
  2. Examine these words at their root. See them for what they are and how they play a part in your experience.
  3. Identify patterns that are not in harmony with your desires.
  4. Alchemize the pattern by up-leveling your word choice.    
  5. Change the conversations you are having with yourself and the community. 

This practice is an easy way you can raise your vibe, and the vibe of others right now. We can be the change and help to bring peace and compassion to ourselves and our global community.

I would love to hear about your experience with this. Please drop me a note!



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