How To Develop Your Intuition

What Is Intuition?

Our intuition allows us to know, feel and understand something instinctively.

You were born intuitive. Like a beloved passenger riding alongside you, your intuition always right there with you, just waiting for you connect with it.

Sometimes we loose touch with our inner knowing because we learned to follow society rather than honoring our own internal compass.

When we stray off the path we simply need to cultivate it to begin to tap back in.

10 Ways To Help You Develop Your Intuition

Self Care - Taking really good care of yourself is an integral part of tapping into your intuition. When we don’t take care of our temple we move out of alignment with Source energy and then it can be really hard to access our intuition or feel excited and energized about life. Take a DIY personal retreat as an act of self care and fill up your cup.

Deep Rest - Go to bed when you feel tired. Refrain from using devices at night because the light confuses our bodies into thinking it’s daytime, therefore releasing hormones that keep us up, rather then go to sleep. Pave the way to a good nights sleep, by having a beautiful night time ritual.

Eat Whole Foods - Eat fresh whole foods from the earth without additives or chemicals. Reduce sugars, eat more vegetables and always eat more greens ;)

Movement - Whether you walk, run or practice yoga, you know that when you do, you feel better and have more energy. Do you sometimes have profound insights on the mat or on a run? That’s no accident, that’s your intuition speaking to you!

Pay Attention To The First Hit - Have you ever had an initial feeling about something, ignored it then afterwards realized that you knew what to do but you didn’t pay attention? Hello intuition! Practice listening and acting on that first hit, rather than over analyzing. It could lead you to more time, less stress and deeper alignment!

Listen To Your Body - Our bodies are always signaling something to us, whether it’s an in the moment sensation, health challenge or headache there is a messenger trying to get through to you.

Relax - Pay attention to the space between your eyebrows that is known as the seat of intuition, Ajna, the third eye do you feel yourself furrowing your brow a lot? That can be a sign we are over thinking and trying to force the answer rather than allowing it to come through us. Bring your awareness to this space through out the day, close your eyes for a moment, soften your brow, face neck and shoulders. Imagine taking a seat right there in the area and looking out from that vantage point and allow your innate wisdom to guide you.

Signs - Keep your third eye open for signs in your daily life, the universe is always communicating to you, again listen to your first hit around the meaning for you, it could be a number, animal, signal from nature, words, an opportunity that arises or something else.

Meditate - Quiet your mind, find your center and open to what’s coming through for you. This could be spending quiet time nature, seated meditation or Yoga Nidra before bed. 

Journal - Allowing the messages to pour through you and write in a stream of consciousness can be a beautiful way to tap in beyond analytical thought. Simply writing without paying attention to the grammer, if it makes sense or where this is going but just writing whatever is coming up in that moment without taking your pen of the page can be very illuminating.

When you develop your intuition your capacity to make choices expands and new pathways of possibilities open up. Your creativity is enhanced, your emotional and mental wellbeing is supported and you're more connected to your Higher Self.

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