Full Moon Bath Ritual

Sacred ritual bathing has been practiced for thousands of years throughout many cultures around the world. Water is considered very sacred and a gift from the Divine. It has long been revered for it’s healing qualities for mind, body and soul.

Enjoying a bath ritual is a beautiful way to cleanse your Aura, Nourish your whole being and enhance the work you're already doing in your life. The most potent time to do this Full Moon Bath Ritual is around the full moon.

Suggested Supplies

  • Fresh clean towel
  • Cleansing Herbs (locally or sustainably sourced), incense, essential oil blend or flower water
  • Candle(s)
  • Crystals
  • Magnesium Chloride Crystals, Himalayan Salts, Or high Quality chemical free Epsom Salt
  • Dried Flowers or Herbs
  • Music
  • Journal
  • Optional - Inspirational book, Oracle Cards, face mask

Create a Healing Space for your Full Moon Bath Ritual

  • Meditate
  • Journal everything out that you are ready to release and forgive.
  • Choose and set an intention for your Full Moon Bath Ritual. 
  • Clean and clear your bathing space. Burn your smoke cleansing herbs or incense. Or spritz the air with an essential oil blend or flower water that amplifies your intention.
  • Wash your tub.
  • Refresh your towel.


Each crystal carries it’s own vibrations and healing properties, choose one that is supported by the water (if you are unsure, research it first) and aligns with your intention, it will amplify it in the bath water. 

Place crystals around your bath or drop them in with you. If they are small you can use the same muslin technique for herbs and flowers below. 

Herbs & Flowers

Choose herbs and flowers that align with your intention.

3 ways to use your herbs or flowers

1. Add them directly to bath

2. Steep before hand 6 C hot water. Steep 20 minutes. Drain and carefully add to bath.

3. Place herbs and flowers in a Muslin Bag or bundle them in a square of muslin fabric and tie for easier clean up. This can be tied below the water spout so the water can run through it.

The Full Moon Bath Ritual

  1. Draw your bath
  2. Pop on some relaxing music (or enjoy the silence)
  3. Light high quality non-toxic candles
  4. Invoke your intention by speaking it aloud
  5. State the Full Moon Affirmations (see below)
  6. Mindfully immerse yourself in the water
  7. Visualize and feel yourself being nourished and cleansed by the water.
  8. Keep your intention in your minds eye as you replenish and nourish in the tub. *Note that research has show the molecular structure of water actually changes when love is directed at it.
  9. Enjoy your experience, you may choose to meditate, read or simply relax and replenish. 
  10. As your ritual draws to and end honor your experience and intention, then mindfully step out. 
  11. As the water flows out visualize all that is no longer needed, anything that you have cleansed or released leaving with the bath water. Feel refreshed and renewed.
  12. After your Full Moon Bath Ritual follow what calls to your Soul. You might journal, work with Oracle Cards, putt on a face mask or cozy up in bed with a good book. Listen to your inner wisdom.

Full Moon Affirmations

  1. I release what is no longer serving me.
  2. I accept myself just as I am.
  3. I forgive and let go.
  4. I fully trust my Intuition.
  5. I am strong enough to be my authentic self.
  6. I am aligned with the Divine.
  7. I let go of attachment.
  8. I am open to receive.
  9. I am grateful for all that I have.
  10. I celebrate all that is coming to me.
  11. I welcome Abundance.
  12. I trust my Magic.

The Full Moon is such a beautiful time to for us to receive, heal and celebrate how far we have come and what we have manifested. As well as release, forgive and let go. When we make the space for Full Moon Ritual we are opening ourselves to more Magic in all aspects our lives. 



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