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How To Build An Altar - Create 6 kinds of Altars

When I was a kid we always had altars about the house. I continue to carry on that tradition to this day and have them throughout my home. I like to think of my house as one big evolving altar.

What is an Altar?

An altar is an area that you designate as a sacred space.

Your altar can be a place you come to meditate or pray. A space you place offerings, tap into Source and fill your cup. It may be a place you come to for support during times of great challenge. You may come to it to ask for guidance, and pull Oracle cards. It can be a place you come to in deep gratitude. There may be times in your life you are called to be the fire keeper for another. Perhaps you know someone that is moving through a major life portal (such as near death or giving birth) and you light a candle to support their flame. 

Altars have been around since the beginning, in fact it’s my personal belief that altars helped to create the beginning, and that they play a vital role in how we co-create the New Earth together now. 

The word Altar is influenced by the latin word altus which means high. The Sacred Altar space is designed to connect us to the energy that some think of as located up above in the sky, heavens, clouds, stars, universe, mountains peaks or within Mother Gaia. A sacred space to connect with your Heart, Soul, The Divine, Universe, Goddess, God, Source or other levels of consciousness. You do not need to be religious to have an altar, just a desire to create and connect.

How To Build An Altar

You don’t need to go out and buy new things to create your altar, if you look around your home, and keep your eyes open on your nature walks, you will find all you need to get started. One suggestion is to have something from each of the 4 elements of fire, earth, water and air represented, it’s your call. It’s the intention behind the sacred space that matters. 

6 Kinds Of Altars

There are so many different kinds of altars. Here are some favorites to get started with!

1. Kids Seasonal Nature Altar

Create a sacred altar space for each Season with your kids. You can set the tone for each season by refreshing your altar and starting anew. Placing a colored cloth at the base that represents the season, and a few primary objects to set the tone can set the stage. You might like to add a book that relates to Fall or Spring or use figures, statues or felted animals that hold the energy of that season to you. Invite your kids to help find small objects they feel represent the season, and discuss what happens during this upcoming season. When out in nature they can collect a special item such as a pine cone, fallen leaf or acorn to bring home to add/offer to the Nature Altar honoring the season.

2. Personal Altar

This altar is just for you and you alone. It’s your space to connect more deeply and align. Decorate it with shells, flowers, plants, crystals, essential oils, incense, sage, a mala or special jewelry, feathers, pictures, poems, dieties, candles, stones, oracle or tarot cards or any object that has a special meaning or energy to you. You may add an object that holds the energy of something you are calling into your life, or write and place your intention on it. You could even place objects here that represent a particular chakra you are healing. Come to this altar anytime for connection and support on your path.

3. Family Altar

This is  beautiful way to connect with each other as a family. You might have objects from family that has crossed over and objects that are from each member of your household. Made, found or otherwise. You can add anything that feels right to you, as suggested in the personal altar.

4. Business Altar

Honor and support your businesses abundance and flow with this altar. Maybe you want to earn x amount of dollars, land a new client or create more free time to relax. Place objects on your altar that honor the energy of your business such as flowers and what you are calling in next for it, such as specific crystals, drawings or cards.

5. Creative Project Altar

Devote yourself to the energy that is coming through you, to create a particular project. The energy that comes through for each project is so unique. This is a way to become more intimate with the muse, if you will. I love this altar so much. When I have a project going on that I’m deeply devoted to, I create a simple altar for it, and then visit this altar for at least a few minutes each day to commune with the Divine, and pray.

6. Traveling Altar

When traveling I recommend bringing a crystal and/or other sacred objects for your altar. You can set it up in a minute, wherever the road may take you. It can be super simple yet powerful. I often add objects I find along along my journey as well. When daily life is unpredictable, and all over the map, it’s a sweet place for your heart to come “home” to, and will help you to remain grounded and connected no matter where the road takes you.

Your Altar As Your Anchor 

These magical altars are place you can come to, to ground, set your intentions, connect to source and rekindle your flame. It’s a place to anchor you to your practice, remind you of your interconnectedness with everything seen and unseen. A place to hold space for the Light that shines so brightly within you, around you and beyond you.

If you have any questions about altars or want to share yours please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect I love hearing from you!

With All My Love




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