Make Your Own Rule Book

I’m just gonna come out and say it.

There are a shitload of “shoulds” coming at us right now. You should stay home. You should wear a mask and gloves when you leave the house. You should homeschool this way. You should get to the store when they open, if you want even a tiny of a chance at getting any toilet paper.

 I want to be clear before we go any further.

I believe it is critically important to align your life with what is going to keep our global community healthy and safe right now. Let’s acknowledge there are some “shoulds” that are vital right now.

At the same time all these “shoulds” can feel overwhelming and restrictive.

Before you know it we are aboard the should train. I “should” exercise more. I “should” help my community more. I “should” be this kind of parent right now. We are “shoulding” all over ourselves! 

Yes there are a lot of guidelines in place that are needed right now. AND there is a ton of room for something massively important too. Conscious connection and creativity that we can usher into our own lives. 

We can use this time as an invitation for exploration and self discovery.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. As a recovering perfectionist I want to tell you; Your perfectly, imperfect way is brilliant! Seriously we have been in ISO for awhile now. Some positive things have happened in your house right? You are doing awesome.

Operate your household in the unique way that feeds you and your loved ones right now. There is no one size fits all formula, regardless of what “experts” might say. 

Listen to your intuition and those you are with.

Witness what you/they enjoy. Look for opportunities to bring out creative resources that align with who you/they are. There is a way for this to work and for you to actually enjoy the process. Hint: You can be a river guide rather than a dictator.

Test and tweak.

What feels good? When did you observe harmony in your house today? How can you create space for more of that? 

There's a lot of freedom within our homes, outside of the parade of “shoulds.” 

Have you been making up your own rule book for your house? Let me know, I would love to hear about it.



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