Mighty Networks Review

I get asked about Mighty Networks all.the.time.

So I thought I would write this article to share my thoughts and answer the most frequently asked questions!

I become a Mighty Network Ambassador because using Mighty Networks is awesome. I’ve been sharing about it far and wide long before I came an Ambassador.

I’m always happy to answer questions about it for small businesses that are trying to figure out if it’s the right fit for their business. I receive a commission if you use my affiliate link and choose the paid version of Mighty Networks at no cost to you.

In fact as an Ambassador at times I'm able to offer you a special deal. Feel free to reach out to me and ask if there is one available now.

After belonging to communities in Mighty Networks for years, I started my own Mighty Network, I find it a welcomed refuge from other spaces online. A refreshing way to host and experience online community.

I host a beautiful Moon Circle Sanctuary on Mighty Networks. It's a Membership Community for women that want to have more Freedom, Confidence and Joy in their lives, those that are walking the path of creating a Soul Aligned Life they love.

My Mighty Network has high engagement especially if you are comparing it to a facebook community. Although you can’t really compare the two at all…more on that later! 

It’s insanely easy to host a Thriving Might Networks Community. Seriously you can do this.

Reasons to Love Mighty Networks

  1. Distraction Free: You can host a robust, private, distraction free, member focused community on Mighty Networks. It’s a space that’s so much different than any of the other noisy options out there.
  2. 100% Reach + Deeper Connection: All of your posts are seen by your community, and there are several ways your members can connect and interact. Members can find other members that live near them, or share common interests.
  3.  Super Simple: You can set up your own Mighty Network and get it ready to go in about an hour. For real. Mighty Networks makes it super easy for you with already made templates and copy ready to go for guidelines, welcoming new members and beyond. Simply follow the incredibly user friendly step by step checklist waiting inside your free trial to get you up in running in no time at all!
  4. Take It On The Go:  Your community interacts around all your content and connects with community all right there in the app. It's simple for you to keep up with from wherever you are as well! It's a user friendly host and member experience!
  5. Mighty Networks Pricing: Choose from the free, Community 28mo/23 annually or Business Plan 98 mo/91 annually (at the time of this article’s publishing) You can check out current pricing here) and switch between them as your needs change!
  6. Selling on Mighty Networks: You can set up one time payments, ongoing subscriptions or bundle offerings together and sell your membership community, online course or services right there on the app.
  7.  You Make The Rules: As a host you can set up your community and make the rules. Mighty Networks makes it crazy easy for you to help your new members feel right at home.
  8. Flexibility: Hosts in the paid versions of Mighty Networks can set up different sub groups within the community based on interests or offerings, PM all members at once, set up recurring events, schedule posts and even share fun engaging, icebreaker, hot cold, multiple choice or question polls!
  9. Host Live Events: You can host and manage your live zoom events right in the app! Community members can comment, RSVP and tune in live right inside the Mighty Networks App!
  10. What it looks like inside: Watch this video to check it out! It's beautiful and fun to use. Mighty Networks even offers a Community Design Course to become a pro at community building!

I’ve tried a lot of what’s out there and I love Mighty Networks. it’s my favorite place online to host and be a part of community.

How Does Mighty Networks Compare To Facebook

The million dollar question that I get asked a lot is how does it compare to Facebook? In truth? It doesn’t.

It’s like comparing apples to oranges. A Mighty Network is designed to put you in the drivers seat to build a thriving community with love, compassion + total control.

A more realistic comparison would be a Mighty Network is more like Shopify for digital for products. It’s so much more than than a “group” It’s a powerful community that you can set up in a myriad of ways to connect people around a shared passion and sell your digital offerings.

Do you have to spend a ton of time in your community to keep the energy going?

In short, no. Setting it up is a breeze and you can schedule posts ahead and just pop in to your Mighty Network to respond to questions and offer feedback.

No getting distracted when you enter your Network because it’s Yours. Only you and your members are in there. No ads, messages from other groups or friend requests, just real people sharing a passion for something together.

As your membership grows and members get to know each other they can support each other, help each other rise and keep the energy going which is such a beautiful thing.

Can you use Mighty Networks and Kajabi together?

Yes! There is a lot of flexibility on both platforms and you can use them together. You might have your course content on Kajabi and then the online community on Mighty Networks linking them so your clients can navigate between the two with ease.

Learn more about how Mighty Networks can work for your community here.

Mighty Networks is designed to be a wonderful community builder and provides the tools to help you do so. I imagine it like a party at my house, I connect people, show them around and most of all have fun!

Ready to check it out? Start your free trial no credit card required. It's that simple.

Wondering if it's right for you? Feel free to send me a message.



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