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What Is A Sacred Sister Circle + Why Join One?

Maybe you're feeling expansion within and want some support while exploring this new terrain, or perhaps you're feeling a shift in the collective consciousness. Maybe you're feeling a bit lonely on the path, and you’re craving community right now. 

If you want to be held in a safe space to share your truth, feel seen and heard, tap more deeply into your own innate powers and let go of what is no longer serving you so you can make real progress in your life. A sacred sister circle might be just the thing you are looking for.

Following the cycle of the moon we gather around the New + Full Moons to get grounded, connect, reflect, set intentions, let go of what is no longer serving us, take part in magical rituals and share in a space where we feel seen and heard.

Women have been coming together for millennia, Supporting each other through the peaks and valleys, and crafting new realities big and small.

It’s all about carving out a sliver of Soul time, so you can fill your cup.

A beautiful aspect of being a part of a sisterhood like this is that it empowers you to deepen connection with your Soul, Spirit and Community while feeling a sense of belonging. Belonging to one activates something bigger and becomes an uplifting catalyst for personal and spiritual expansion.

If you would like to experience more connection, motivation, inspiration, support on your journey as a woman navigating the waters of our times, we would love you to join us in The Light Path Membership + Community.

Immerse yourself if a beautiful circle of women weaving the Magical + Practical into their lives to create a life they love. Join us in our Virtual New + Full Moon Circles and sacred, supportive, online community The Sanctuary (off of fb).

You'll also have access to an ever growing toolbox filled with tools and practices to support you in crafting dates with your Soul and a thriving Alignment Practice. Doors are opening soon hop on the VIP Waitlist to join in the magic inside. ✨



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