Self Love Ritual

Carrying body image baggage is a reality many women live with. We are conditioned in our society to shun aspects of our bodies. Parts of who we innately are can become the subject of our dissatisfaction with ourselves.

This kind of self judgement and shame can stem from all kinds of things. It might be a comment someone made in the past that we took to heart, or from trying to stuff ourselves into a societal box that we "should" look a certain way. 

This kind of self judgement can prevent us from fully showing up in all aspects of our lives. It can affect how much money we make, who we feel comfortable dating and what we can manifest for ourselves. 

When we talk about self love one of the most important but often over looked aspects is how we love every part of our bodies.

We can take powerful steps to heal ourselves in this simple self love ritual.

Self Love Ritual

  1. Sit or lay down comfortably. Close your eyes. 
  2. Take 3 deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and expand your belly first, then chest. As you exhale slowly draw your belly button inward releasing the air out the mouth. Extend your exhalation to be 2-3 times longer than your inhalation.
  3. Visualize every body part starting at the crown of your head and work your way down. Tell each part of your body... “I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank You for all that you have done. I love you.” 
  4. As you move to each part, feel a deep reverence for how amazing it is at it’s job, and how grateful you are for it. Align with the vibration of love and acceptance. No one is perfect and that’s more than ok! In fact, that’s what makes us special and unique. Send love to every single cell of your body, honor that you are enough just as you are.
  5. Move back to your crown and connect with each part of your body again. This time give a compliment to each one! Honor every single part of your hardworking body! When you have reached your toes, take one more deep breath and complete your self love ritual by saying “ I love and fully accept myself just as I am.” or “I am beautiful, complete and whole.” 

Do this Self Love Ritual regularly before meditation, in the bathtub or before you go to sleep. It’s so empowering to move beyond our negative beliefs about ourselves and open to limitless possibility in all aspects of our lives.

You might be surprised after you start practicing this self love ritual that you start manifesting things you have been calling in. This can happen because you are no longer holding yourself back with limiting beliefs about yourself. 

Did you notice a personal shift after using this self love ritual? I would love to hear about it!




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