Simplify To Amplify

I am feeling the collective energy right now big time. Are you?

Have you noticed the constant stream of emails coming in?

All the stats, theories, ideas to help you "get through." The details on how every company you have ever interacted with in your entire life cares about you and the details of what they are doing, outlined in a multi-paragraph email. The email looks like a carbon copy of the email you opened just before that from a different company...and your thinking how did they even get my email?

I mean let’s be real, it’s a ton. If we actually read all of it we would never get anything done!

The good news is we have control over a lot!

We can choose what to watch, read and listen to…and when it is time to take a break ;)

I have been finding more peace right now with one simple daily action. 

Ready for it? Unsubscribe.

Seriously that’s it. Your inbox is sacred. It should be treated as such. One of the best actions I'm taking right now is choosing who I keep in my inbox. 

If the emails I receive are sending the messages I want to hear they stay. If they don’t, I simply unsubscribe and lighten the load of my inbox and my mind. It’s a win-win.

Simplify to Amplify.

Choose the people and companies that you want to pay attention to right now. Opt out of the rest. That includes Holistic Modern Mystic emails as well. If it’s not a match, just unsubscribe. No hard feelings, seriously.

I'm all about attuning to what works for each unique individual and letting go of the rest. Our needs are always evolving. Your inbox can too.

Has your inbox been blowing up? How have you been feeling about this influx of emails? Have you tried reducing the stream coming in? Hit me up and let me know!

No matter what journey you’re on right now, know that I’m here with you right on through it too.




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