Taurus New Moon Abundance & Intention Rituals

 Get clear on your Intention. Let go of Attachment.

Trust the Universe will support You.

-Talei Loloma

Hey Love, 

This Tuesday's Taurus New Moon is a powerful catalyst for Abundance and Inspiration. It has big potential to help you move forward with your Dreams.

Neptune is bringing some extra Magic to this New Moon too and amplifying what's possible. The opportunity for greater Abundance is opening up right now. It's up to us to get clear on our Dreams and set our Intentions. 

Over the next 48 hours you may want to carve out a sliver of time to reflect and journal around what you desire so you can set crystal clear Intentions for the Universe to hear you loud and clear. 

This is a lovely moon to put our dreams into motion!

Simple Intention Setting Rituals:

Write your Intentions on a small piece of paper, fold it up and...

  • Place it in a tiny wish box. This could be a small box (like a matchbox) that you have around you can decorate, or a little trinket box you have on hand. Place it on your altar or tuck it in a secret spot.
  • Attach it to a clear quartz crystal by wrapping it with a string to amplify your Intentions. Place it on your altar.
  • Slide it under the pot of a thriving house plant to support your Intentions growth.

These Rituals empower us to get clear on our Intentions and have a place for them to "live" and "gestate" without us having to "hold" them. It's an act of clarifying what we are calling in, honoring it and then letting go of attachment, surrendering it to the Universe.

Important things to keep in mind with this energy:

Go with the Flow & Simplify.

These things will help us stay on track so we don't get stuck, bogged down or overwhelmed. Flow with what's happening without trying to force it. Break things down into baby steps and celebrate or reward yourself for every little milestone this week!

This is such a Potent New Moon for Intention setting, I'm holding an intimate Taurus New Moon Circle is this Tuesday, May 11th, 3pm EST. You can save your spot to join us here (space is limited)

Sending Love your way my friend!


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