The Truth About Mercury Retrograde

We've all heard a Mercury retrograde story that might go something like...

"It's Mercury retrograde that's why..." our communication isn't working, the computer crashed, my ex text or that accident or transportation issue happened.

And while that can be an aspect of it, there's something much deeper at play.

Cycles like this can be powerful catalysts for personal transformation because they lead us into unknown parts of ourselves. If we remain present and pause to listen, we can alchemize what's coming through into something magical.

The Mercury retrograde cycle is happening for us, rather than to us.

So let's take a quick snapshot of the arch. Although Mercury went into retrograde yesterday, Mercury's pre-shadow or Activation began back on May 14th. And even though Mercury goes direct on June 22nd, there is an Integration period that occurs for a few weeks afterward.

When Mercury goes into retrograde there is an invitation to align with the energy coming through, use our intuition, listen deeply, recalibrate and truly be the witness of our stories and our lives. We can step more deeply into the truth of who we are and grow so much from these cycles!

How to work with Mercury retrograde in Gemini

The last two weeks set the stage for what's to come. One might think of it as an Activation period. Did you notice any synchronicities? Did a pattern emerge? Did something come up for you, that it's time to go deeper with? Is there shadow aspect of yourself coming up or something that was unknown to you previously that has now come to Light?

The signs and messages coming up in our lives right now are asking us to drop in and hold space for challenges, opportunities and change. It's not always sunshine and roses when we do deep work, and that's where incredible life changing transformation can happen.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini presents us with a wonderful opportunity. 

It's a great time to look at new ways of learning or teaching with curiosity. Explore the "both and" find the space between the Inhale and the Exhale and work our growth edges. We might reflect on where we could be creating tension with the "either or" instead of cultivating the "both and."

The inspiration as to what needs to be integrated comes from within you, only you know what it is.

As you cross the threshold of your own initiation of Mercury retrograde, you might start to see something that was once unknown to you. You may see a glimpse of a new perception or integration...and it may not be completely clear yet. That in itself is such an important aspect of the Mercury retrograde Initiation - sitting in the unknown!

The center point or apex of Mercury retrograde is June 10th. Things may start to come into focus by then, if they haven't already.

Then when Mercury goes direct on the 22nd we enter an Integration period for a few weeks. This is the time to make new choices and take action around what has come through.

Dive into the unknown and co-create with the Universe!

When we run into technological, communication issues and beyond during Mercury Retrograde, it's a message to pause and see what we need to tune into. Stay true to the path path and if/when things pop up explore them with curiosity. There's an opportunity to grow.

Our potential is limitless, and Mercury retrograde can help us step into another dimension of what is possible for us.

You are the Alchemist co-creating with the Universe. ✨

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