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Vision Board Ideas

Crafting a vision board is a really fun, powerfully transformational process.

After working with a lot of people around manifesting their dreams. I've noticed a few things and I want to let you in on the secrets to crafting a potent vision board ✨

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a tool to help you manifest. Align with what you want to create in your life and be empowered you to make your dreams a reality. 

How to make a vision board that really works ✨

Reflect on what you want, like seriously want to make happen in your life.

Throw out the "should wants" and the things that are not actually important to you right now.

Get really clear.

What do you want and how will it feel to have it?

This could be something physical like a new car, a move or a trip. It could also be a new habit, emotional healing, work life balance or beyond.

So what do you really want to manifest in your life?

Get down the nitty gritty details. Tap into the words and feelings that arise around what you want.

Write them all down in your journal and circle anything that really tugs at your heart.

Types of vision boards

There are a couple of options...

1. Hand craft a vision board.

2. Make a virtual vision board.

Grab your supplies

1. Hand Craft: cardboard, glue, scissors, old magazines, calendars, pictures and/or pens, colored pencils or paint. You can also skip the cardboard and glue and pin the images on a cork board. You can also print things out you find online.

2. Virtual Vision Board: Use a template in Canva or secret board on Pinterest

Find your words + images

Get your search on. Look for images and words that resonate to what you want to create in your life.

Keep your journal in front of you so you keep what you want at the forefront of your mind. Then find words that align with what you desire or the feeling manifesting the dream will bring.

You can also draw or paint some or all of it! More on that below...

A secret to manifesting your dreams

Some people manifest better with words. Either written themselves or found.

Some do wonderfully with visuals images they find.

Others do well creating the image, such as drawing or painting it. 

Many people do a combination of the above with great success. Make it your own!

Take note of what works well for you, and do more of that next time you are moving toward manifesting new dreams.

You'll be amazed if you really start paying attention, that some ways work better than others.

Make your board

Gather all the words and images together, then distill it down to the ones that really speak to you. Select the ones that really bring forth the feelings you want to evoke.

Place them on your board and feel into if the board brings the feeling you desire. It might feel awesomely aligned, in which case glue them down, pin them up or finalize the layout on your computer.

If it's not quite right now no worries, this is where writing or drawing a few images  can come into play or returning to your search for a few last key elements. 

Put your vision board up

Pop your vision board up someplace where you can see it regularly! 

Take action

Think of what will help make your vision a reality, and start taking action toward manifesting your dreams. What baby steps can you take right now?

Recognize what needs to be healed

If you notice a negative mindset or block that comes up around manifesting your dream, acknowledge it, check with yourself on how you can heal and move past it. We have all kinds of thoughts, we can choose to accept them which will shape our reality or recognize that it's a thought that we don't need to attach to and keep going!

Revise + update as needed

Your life dreams, visions might change over time as you grow and change and that's cool. Remove and add as needed so that it aligns with what is presently up for you.

Manifest ✨

Look at your vision board regulary. This simple action helps us root our dreams in our consciousness and we begin to build pathways to manifesting our dreams. Get excited about manifesting, you are taking powerful steps to making it a reality!

 All you have to know is where you want to go. You don't have to know "how you are going to get there." Trust the path will appear as you take consistent action.

There is something so magical about looking at a vision board you made sometime ago and acknowledging that what you put on it has manifested and you made your dreams a reality!




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