Deepen your Connection to

your Soul, Spirit + Sisters on the Spiritual Path.

 Get more Confident. 

Create a Soul Aligned Life you love!


What would it be like to wake up each day feeling inspired, connected and hopeful?


Imagine feeling clear + confident you are on the right path...

  • You'd have less fear, anxiety and overwhelm.
  • You'd make decisions with ease and stop second guessing yourself.
  • You'd move forward with deep soul aligned confidence.

This is more than possible with the  Mystical Tools and Personal Support inside The Light Path Membership + Community.

I believe that when women connect with the Wisdom of their Souls, Spirit and Sisterhood Magic happens, and when we expand our consciousness we also expand our ability to confidently create a Soul Aligned Life.

I bring together tools that I have acquired over the past two decades from 1000’s of hours studying, training, teaching and mentoring as a highly celebrated Yoga Teacher, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Akashic Records Reader, Circle Facilitator and devotee of the Mystic Arts.

An Invitation

You are invited to weave the Magical and Practical together to create a Spiritual Practice + Soul Aligned Life you love.

The Light Path is for Lightworkers, Intuitives, Mothers, Daughters, Grandmothers, Conscious Creatives and Spiritual Business owners who are following their True North. Become a member of our beautiful multidimensional women's community and circle experience! 

It's designed to support you in:

  • Connecting with your soul, spirit and community
  • Harmonizing with the moon
  • Growing personally, professionally and spiritually
  • Elevating your confidence and mindset
  • Creating or expanding a personal Spiritual practice that inspires you
  • Carving out that sliver of time for yourself
  • Harnessing your innate abilities and gifts
  • Deepening your intuition
  • Accomplishing your work in the world
  • Leading a Soul Aligned Life

I believe when we align with what lights us up, we are lighting the way for others to do the same.

I believe that when we as women come together magic happens.

Sometimes it feels uncertain and sometimes we struggle to move forward.

When we have a supportive community sisters around us, as we step forward, it makes all the difference in the world.







" The Light Path has been a beautiful addition to my life! It has brought inspiration and regular practices into my daily routine. Most importantly I have revived my intuition and magical powers that have been laying dormant.  I love being in a creative community of like minded women! "

- Stephanie Orecchio


" I'm grateful that you have created this wonderful space for us to share, connect and expand our horizons! I'm loving the yoga videos, New Moon Circles and community of women."

- Karen Dawson | Moonlit Sleep


" Feeling a lot of gratitude for Talei. You are a great example of a Lightworker. You have been shining your light and energy when I need it. No doubt our paths were meant to cross many moons ago. I'm eternally grateful."

- Tau O'Sullivan

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Immerse yourself in a beautiful community of women walking the path of spiritual and personal growth together. 

As a member you will have access to:

  • The Sanctuary - A thriving, kind, supportive, safe online community that gets you (off fb)
  • Monthly New Moon circles + Oracle Full Moon Tea Party Gatherings in the cloud (on zoom) 
  • Modern Mystic tools and bite size trainings for developing your intuition, following the moon, mindset, soul wellness, self-care, self-reflection, planning your rhythms + living a Soul Aligned Life
  • Meditation + Visualization Practices (that are as easy as pressing play) 
  • Rituals + Threads to align with your intentions, the cycles of the moon, celebrate your progress, share your offerings + more
  • Genuine support with what you are working on in your life, as you align + grow
  • Exclusive discounts on Intuitive Mentoring + other products and offerings.
  • Bonuses (already waiting for you inside!)




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I'm Talei Loloma. I help women come home to themselves.

I bring together tools that I have acquired over the past two decades from 1000’s of hours studying, training and teaching as a highly celebrated Yoga Teacher, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Akashic Records Reader, Circle Facilitator and devotee of the Mystic Arts.

Walk the path of a Modern Mystic within a Supportive Community.

Get access to Magical + Practical Tools to help you Confidently create a Soul Aligned Life and Business that you love.


Why join the Soul Aligned Mastermind Membership?


You'll be connected to a close knit group of Creative & Spiritual Entrepreneurs that totally have your back!

Soulpreneurs that will be there to celebrate your wins and support you when things don’t go as planned, so you can take what learn from the experience, and apply it to what’s next. And most importantly, cheer you on to keep going! 

What is a Mastermind? 

A business mastermind group is a community of entrepreneurs that offer each other support, advice and accountability. 

Mastermind have proven to be a highly effective way accelerate your business. 

Mastermind members hold each other accountable for their goals, brainstorm together, challenge each other, celebrate each others wins, share ideas, contacts and resources.

Women in the community also offer their strength and insight when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck to help you overcome obstacles, learn, grow and bounce back when something doesn’t work out as you had hoped.

5 Reasons to join The Soul Aligned Mastermind Membership

  1. Support: Get real time support on what you are working on in your business so you can make educated, soul aligned choices and move forward swiftly. No more following a cookie cutter method that doesn’t work for you, or getting stuck for weeks on making a decision!
  2. Tools: Receive and explore Magical + Practical Tools that you can use in your business and daily life to help you build, organize, align and amplify with what you want to create in your business. Such as helpful spreadsheets and Manifestation Practices.
  3. Accountability: That feeling of reaching your goals is one of the best in the world. Get the accountability you need to take the steps along the path to make it happen!
  4. Increased Confidence: Witnessing others push their edges and build their dreams amplifies your own abilities to do the same, not to mention having a team of cheerleaders at your finger tips 24/7.
  5. Inspiration: Listening and connecting with others that are on the path of starting or growing their businesses will plant seeds for new ideas, and inspire you to keep going. 

Are you ready to authentically align with what your Soul is calling you toward and take action to make it happen?! That’s what being in a Soul Aligned Mastermind is all about. ✨


"The Soul Aligned Mastermind has helped me hyper focus. I was not being real or honest with myself in my business. This group has kept me on point, goal oriented and accountable. Exactly what I needed. All given with love and grace. Extremely supportive environment! Talei is full of wisdom and Whimsy! It's been a magical experience!"

Heather Lake | Hippie Heart Haven

 "Our Mastermind group is fantastic. It's really neat to have both a regular touchstone for accountability and just to reset my own priorities and tasks and center, as well as to watch everyone else's businesses grow and evolve over time! And I LOVE that this is a business mastermind that keeps heart and soul at the center. We grow our businesses and brainstorm and support each other while always keeping the well being of our souls at the center of it all, and that is unique and amazing and exactly what I need!" 

Elise Rorick | Lusicovi Creative 



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