6 Key Practices To Support You on the Awakening Path

Are You On The Awakening Path?

I believe that the more love we offer up, the more we choose The Light Path, the more the Earth heals. When we awaken, and consciously choose love and light in each moment, the more alchemy we are capable of. 

Our abilities expand the more we put them into practice. The stronger they are, the more we are able to transform the world. If you are reading this, you're likely already tapping into your powerful magical skills. You my friend are magic. These tools will enhance what is already within you.

What Is a Sadhana

A Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that translates to a daily spiritual practice that invites us to turn inward and connect to the Divine. Carve out a sliver of time to create your own personal Sadhana or Morning Alignment Practice and witness your own unique unfolding on the path.

6 Practices to Support You on the Awakening Path

  1. Meditation: Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we can use to support us in our lives and awakening. It helps us tap into a clear channel to connect to the Divine, relieves stress, help us remain grounded and centered, along with many other benefits. When it becomes a non-negotiable part of your daily spiritual practice it becomes one the most transformative tool in your toolbox.
  2. Nature: Getting out into nature and connecting with her beauty, strength and natural rhythms, is so incredibly healing and nourishing for mind, body and soul.
  3. Yoga: A Yoga practice reminds us to breathe, empowers us to stay in the present, enables us to become more flexible and strong in body and mind, improves our posture, builds confidence, helps us detoxify, combats stress, helps us with chronic pain. Studies have indicated that yoga reduces pain for people with cancer, autoimmune conditions, arthritis, back and neck as well as many other chronic conditions. It also supports people in recovery. Teaching yoga to people with cancer when I taught publicly allowed me to bear witness to yoga's many benefits first hand.
  4. Breathe: Deep breathing alkalizes the body, supports the heart, digestion and immune system. It can be used to lift your energy or to relax your nervous system. Weaving simple pranayama (breath control techniques) into your daily rhythm is a wildly powerful act.
  5. Connection: Take the time to be in community. Reach out and get some time on your calendar connecting with bright Lights in your life. You know the ones. The people that inspire you and Light you up by just being around them. Make that time and pay attention to how you feel before, during and after. Shine Bright!
  6. Write: Journaling is such a magical way to connect to the depths of your soul. Freewriting, gratitude journaling, self coaching, processing, getting your feelings out or using writing prompts are all wonderful paths to connect you more deeply to yourself and Source.

So there you have it! 6 Practices to support you on the awakening path. If you're a Lightworker, creative, spiritual business owner, newly awakened, diving deeper on  your journey or just getting back to the path, try weaving these practices into your life consistently to expand what’s possible in all ways. 

Meditation, nature, yoga, journaling, breathing and connecting with the bright lights in your life are keys to enhancing your life on awakening path and thriving in todays world.

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