What Is A New Moon Circle?

Women have been gathering in the sacred ritual of circles for millennia. Together as we support each other through the peaks and valleys we have been crafting new realities big and small. 

With every new moon you are invited to reflect, release and let go of what is no longer serving you and call in what you want.

You know…coming together to talk about real shit.

In circle you will…

Be held in a safe space to share your truth.  

Let go of what is no longer serving you.  

Plant your seed of intention. 

Spend sacred time with your soul.  

Be a part of a sisterhood.

About the moon…

Tribes and farmers have used the moon to track seasons and time for many years. 

The full moon is all about completion. The new moon is the essence of new beginnings. It holds the energy of inner reflection, release, purification, transformation and rebirth.

I often speak of sowing seeds of intention. This actually stems from farming communities choosing the new moon for planting certain seeds when the soil is dark and fertile, a powerful time for growth and transformation. 

It is an ideal time to listen to the whispers of your soul and plant your own seeds of intention that you want to see grow in your own life.

Reflect and bring awareness to your personal truth. Plant your seeds (intention) and water the soil (action). With attention and inner-work, witness your seeds sprout and begin to grow.

Each New Moon is a magical opportunity for you to continue to connect, define and refine what you want and move toward it!

Why the new moon?

It's a time of death, rebirth and new beginnings. The new moon is a potent time to set intentions, manifest and do our self growth work. It marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, then it grows (waxes) until it becomes full and then is gets smaller (wanes) until it is new once again. 

Gather with women. Be in community. From wherever you are.

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