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Hi Beautiful Soul,

Ya know that awesome feeling you get when everything in your life completely aligns?

When everything just clicks and you have this wonderful stream of energy coming through you?

You’ve lived it. Love that feeling right? Right now though, you are a little (or a long way) off from that vibe. You want to get back there but something is stopping you.

You're stuck. When what you really want is to be confidently moving forward, and living a life you love. 

Oh my friend, you are in the right place.

Sometimes you struggle to make decisions and move forward. You question everything - including yourself and your abilities. Then overwhelm does a total take over, and you feel totally paralyzed.

Maybe you're longing for tools and support from someone that gets you, and understands what you are going through. Perhaps deep down you know you're ready to feel free and create a Soul-Aligned Life and perhaps even a thriving Intuitive Business. Buuut you could use some support to inspire you, get you on track and build some momentum so you can authentically Align + Shine. 

Wanna know the truth?

You're not alone, I know exactly what that feels like. 

I've walked a path less traveled with my Intuition as my guide to create a Soul-Aligned Life + Business that I love. I would love nothing more than to link arms with you and walk this path together.

Hi I’m Talei Loloma,

I help Intuitive Women, Conscious Creatives, Lightworkers, Soul-Led Leaders & Spiritual Business Owners come into deeper alignment spiritually and use their Internal Compass as a guide, to lead a life they love.

I believe that when you align with who you are, and listen deeply to what your Soul is calling you to, incredible things happen. 

I believe that when you move toward what lights you up, magic happens. 

I believe the collective consciousness of the global community is the golden key to a thriving planet. 

I believe that when you intentionally alchemize Magical and Practical Wisdom anything is possible.

I'm here to connect you with the wisdom of your Soul so that you can authentically align your life and shine bright.

I weave together the tools that I have acquired over the past two decades, along with downloads from the Universe and share them with you. Together, we can amplify what's possible for people and the planet in a way that is collaborative and regenerative.

I'm highly-sensitive and strong, empathic and intuitive, free-spirited and a recovering perfectionist. I'm a bit of a nomad and deeply devoted to Nature and the Mystical Arts.

I love ocean dips at sunrise and eating my ice cream with a fork.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I am truly happy we've connected and I'm excited for the journey ahead!





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