Mighty Networks Review

I get asked about Mighty Networks all.the.time.

So I thought I would write this article to share my thoughts and answer the most frequently asked questions!

I become a Mighty Network Ambassador because using Mighty Networks is awesome. I’ve been sharing about it far and wide long before I came an Ambassador.

I’m always happy to answer questions about it for small businesses that are trying to figure out if it’s the right fit for their business. I receive a commission if you...

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10 Ways To Nourish Your Soul Right Now


"As we cultivate peace and happiness in ourselves,

we also nourish peace and happiness in those we love."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

I used to be that woman that had way too many commitments, and had a lot going on all the time, especially over the holiday season. I would wind up stressed out and often sick early in the new year.

This year has been a really special year. This is the perfect time for nourishment, reflection and visioning for the...

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What Is A Sacred Sister Circle + Why Join One?

Maybe you're feeling expansion within and want some support while exploring this new terrain, or perhaps you're feeling a shift in the collective consciousness. Maybe you're feeling a bit lonely on the path, and you’re craving community right now. 

If you want to be held in a safe space to share your truth, feel seen and heard, tap more deeply into your own innate powers and let go of what is no longer serving you so you can make real progress in your life. A sacred sister circle...

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What is a Mastermind Group + What are the Benefits?

How cool would it be, to have a close knit group of female entrepreneurs that totally have your back?

Soul centered, highly motivated, business owners that are there to be a regular touchstone for brainstorming, accountability and reaching your goals. 

Creative & Spiritual Entrepreneurs that get you, and are there to support you as you grow your business. 

Soulpreneurs that will be there when things don’t go as planned, supporting you in failing forward so you can take...

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Secrets To Navigating Sensitivity

Welcome beautiful soul,

If you're feeling overwhelmed by your sensitivity and feel like it impacts your quality of life or feel like you struggle with feeling everything going on around you, Trust me you are not alone.

I totally relate.

What if I told you that your sensitivity isn't the problem?

What if I told you my secrets that support me in thriving as an empathic, sensitive, intuitive Lightworking woman?

Come on let’s talk more about this!

What I’m about to share with you...

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Developing Your Intuition

What Is Intuition?

Our intuition allows us to know, feel and understand something instinctively.

You were born intuitive. Like a beloved passenger riding alongside you, your intuition always right there with you, just waiting for you connect with it.

Sometimes we loose touch with our inner knowing because we learned to follow society rather than honoring our own internal compass.

When we stray off the path we simply need to cultivate it to begin to tap back in.

10 Ways To Help...

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What Are The Seven Chakras?

Chakra 101

The Sanskirt word Chakra means “Wheel of Energy."

The Chakra System is a flow of energy that runs through all of life, including you and I. 

Ancient Vedic texts outline this Mystical Energy System, and many cultures throughout the ages have worked with this energy in a myriad of ways. 

There are seven major energy centers that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, that make up our primary Chakras.

These wheels of Light energy strongly...

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Vision Board Ideas

Crafting a vision board is a really fun, powerfully transformational process.

After working with a lot of people around manifesting their dreams. I've noticed a few things and I want to let you in on the secrets to crafting a potent vision board

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a tool to help you manifest. Align with what you want to create in your life and be empowered you to make your dreams a reality. 

How to make a vision board that really works

Reflect on what you want,...

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Autumn Equinox + The Astrological Energy

As we move from Light to darkness in the Northern Hemisphere, we have an opportunity to honor the second harvest.

There's an invitation to balance the shadow and Light within our own being. Just as the Universe does.

The astrological energy may pull us toward clarifying, cleansing, organizing, decluttering and taking action.

Sometimes we can start to get critical of ourselves or overwhelmed. Try looking through the lens of simply what's working and what's not? 

What can you let go...

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Best Oracle Decks For Lightworkers

I LOVE Oracle cards, there are so many options out there and if you would like a little guidance on some of the best Oracle decks out there for female Lightworkers read on! Check out the following 7 Oracle decks my friends and I always have close at hand to tap in! I became an Amazon Associate because I'm often recommending the wonderful books and tools that I use and love, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. I only recommend personal and spiritual growth tools that I'm...

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