Your Gifts

You have these abilities for a reason. For example to sense if something is safe or not.

This was really strong back in the day, it was literally a lifesaver. And for some of us, it continues to be really powerful. 

If you were exposed to situations that were not safe emotionally or physically for extended periods of time, your sensitivity became heightened to protect you. 

You may hold onto these sensitivities long after the situation is over, and get stuck in a victim mindset or never fully feel safe again. 

We continue to scan our environments for danger, get anxious about our own stuff and pick up lots of stuff that isn’t ours at all.

From Disconnected To Aligned

Just like it’s important to set boundaries in your life, it’s equally important to create energetic boundaries.

It's imperative to not only understand but really know at your core that you have 100% control over your energetic boundaries.

Currently more people are experiencing higher sensitivity because we are awakening, and feeling the energy of the collective consciousness.

The single most important thing you can do?

Bring your attention back to your present experience.

Bring yourself back to your center, this breath, this moment right here, right now, again and again and again. 

It’s actually really simple yet profoundly impactful. The more you bring yourself back to your experience the more you will actually travel down a new pathway. Once that pathway has become more heavily treaded you will automatically return to it the future!

Your sensitivity is not a sign that you’re broken.

You don’t need to be fixed. 

You don’t need to push through or toughen up.

Your sensitivities are a gift.

They can be your greatest teacher and ally. They are not to be ignored! It’s when we try to avoid them that we create issues!

Upholding appropriate energetic boundaries is key to your energetic health.

YOU have the power to navigate your own experience, your way, and it’s not as challenging as you might think it is!

When we can turn down the noise, and really listen in, we can hear the messages we are picking up on. A bit of self care and solid mindset is all you need!

You Have Abilities

You can sense and know things that others around you may not recognize. 

Choosing to accept, embrace and hone your skills is powerful. The abilities you have can help you navigate your choices and create a soul-led life! This happens when you are led (not overwhelmed) by your sensitivity and intuition.

When you align with who you are, and follow what lights you up, you have an incredible game plan to create the life you want!

Does that make sense? You’ve got this, I know it.

If you are unsure, continue onto the next page and let’s go over it. Let’s do this!


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